Happy Resurrection Sunday 💛

My kinder student asked me if I knew why we didn’t have school Friday. I said no & this was her response.. #takenotes #mouthsofbabes


He love it when I call him big poppa.. #mcm #datsbae (at graffiti wall last week)

Soul Sistaaa. 👭 (at Graffiti Park)

In the midst of my jog at LBL I spotted this glorious sight.😍 #imaybeobsessedwiththisplace #vscocam #peaceful (at Lady Bird Lake Trail)

#GodsNotDead just in case you didn’t know. 😉😊 (at Cinemark Tinseltown 17)

You could spend your whole life searching for peace & happiness or you could simply take a step back and admire the small things. ❤|| Worship music, lake, journal & an amazing book (at Lady Bird Lake Under I-35 Bridge)

Because anything you want to see..or perhaps not see is in downtown ATX. 😂 #sxsw #sixthstreet #photobombedidkthatgirl