Mom came to ATX & decorated my room! It definitely needed the makeover! 🙈 #chicrooms #interiordesign (at home is where sunflowers are)

Pinterest Inspired || This was supposed to chronicle my journey to Africa but somehow extra special family & friends made an appearance. 😍 || Can’t wait to hang this! Thanks for the help @themagnificentcb! 😘

"Pain is something you have. Hurt, is something you are."
- Forgiveness x Kezia

Check out P4CM on YouTube this is just one of their many vids.

Day 16 || 6,256 miles away and I still miss you.

"Everything that’s out here for kings like us//the reason why we like this jewelry and this diamonds and stuff//they don’t understand we really from Africa and that’s where all this stuff come from//and we originated from kings//so don’t look down on the youngsters//because they wanna have shiny things//it’s in our genes"
-Pimp C
Never before this moment did I realize my value as an Africa American woman or my culture. They lied when they said we as a people weren’t worth anything. We are the kings and queens. Thankful to this beautiful soul Nana Ama Serwaa, Queen Mother of Agogo, for graciously opening the palace doors to us. ❤💚💛👑 #wanderlust #utstudyabroad #agogovillage (at Agogo Village)

"Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me."
Please keep myself & the other 22 students in your prayers as we journey to Accra, Ghana for a month to serve the Ghanaian community & study Anthropology. ✈☺ First stop…AMSTERDAM! 😁


When you aint the only child no more

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SHE WOKE UP LIKE DISSSS…Congrants to my sister on becoming a woman of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Sorry I missed it but I know you showed “OWT” boo! 😘👠❤🐘 #etapsi #dst #crimsonandcreme #diva

Happy Resurrection Sunday 💛

My kinder student asked me if I knew why we didn’t have school Friday. I said no & this was her response.. #takenotes #mouthsofbabes